Windows 10: Microsoft Learns From Mistakes

Have you seen the new Windows 10 screenshots? It sure is looking like Microsoft has listened well to the voluminous criticisms of Windows past—ahem, Windows 8.x. After Windows 8 came out, I posted on this blog what I thought about the new look/interface. Later, I posted another apologist piece seeking to rebut negative criticism where … Continue reading

Cisco’s ASA 5505: Secure the Sensitive Information on Your Network

Anyone who knows anything in-depth about networks knows that Cisco stands alone at the top, all due respect to Juniper Networks. And because this little appliance is so dynamic in its security abilities, I just thought I’d add my two+ cents. The main reason for buying this product would be to secure your network. It’s … Continue reading

Ominous Clouds Portend Furture Storms

Ominous Clouds Portend Furture Storms

So, who’s up on this Data Cloud idea? The concept isn’t exactly inelegant. Basically, the idea is to help out both small businesses and large by creating centralized data centers to handle all your computing needs. Kind of a one size fits all approach. And in this case, one size really could fit all. The … Continue reading

CCNA Security Exposes the Security Requirements of the Future…

I earned my Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Security certification on Thursday and just want to say, “Welcome to the world of cybersecurity…” With all of the recent revelations about what the government watches online, it seems wholly reasonable to make the claim that George Orwell’s world contained in the novel 1984 has definitely come … Continue reading